150 years combined experience!
Family owned since 1979
McLeod Family -- 

Lorne and Ann McLeod

Christie & Kurt Woodward - Married August 20th, 2011

Kelly & Carly McLeod - Married July 2, 2005

Rylee, Camryn and Kasey Mcleod - three beautiful little girls that keep all of us present in the moment and on our toes! 

Christie Woodward-- 

Joined The Team: Family owned since 1979

"I am grateful to have been born into The Health Hut. I enjoy experiencing and witnessing the success myself, staff and customers have with alternative health methods."  


Past Manager
Judy Hamilton -- 

Joined the Team: 1988

What a customer would experience at The Health Hut: "Exposure to a wide variety of healthy alternatives to allopathic medicine.  People who will spend time with you to help solve health issues. Information on specific health issues for free!"


Sales Associate
Judy Willier -- 

Joined the Team: 1997

"I believe in proper nutrition, exercising, and supplementing to strengthen the body. Work from the inside out -it takes time to heal the WHOLE body."

Certified Iridologist.

FAVORITE PRODUCT:Relora, Vitamin C & Sage

Sales Associate
Kelly Stubbert -- 

Joined the Team: 1996

"I learn something new everyday. I like sharing information and working with like minded people."

Stay tuned - Kelly is close to becoming certified as a Brain Gym Consultant.

FAVORITE PRODUCT: Bach Rescue Remedy

Sales Associate
Kelly Simmons -- 

Joined the Team: 2007 

"A healthy mind,body and spirit are fundamental in order to experience the best life has to offer."

Courses in: EFT, Neurolinguistic Programming, Energy Medicine, Reflexology, & Astrology!


Sales Associate
Leah Charney-- 

Joined the Team: August 2009 

"I agree with the principles of a "naturally healthy" lifestyle. I think the Health Hut provides an environment that fosters that aim." 

FAVORITE PRODUCT:  Probiotics - helps all genders & ages, great for prevention! 

Sales Associate
Ali Campbell -- 

Joined the team: September 2008

"I love the staff, I love the family here! - It's my happy place!"

Certified Massage Therapist- INNER STRENGTH MASSAGE 780-538-2956

FAVORITE PRODUCT:New Roots Acidophilus

Sales Associate
Tracy Locke-- 

Joined the Team: April 2010

"You can make the decision to take your own health into your own hands - find an alternative more natural solution."

FAVORITE PRODUCT: BIOSTRATH-  "I would recommend it to anyone looking for extra focus and concentration!"

Sales Associate
Mandy Ruhr -- 

Joined the Team: November 2009

"It is an honor to work with the true pioneers in the Health Food Industry." 

"Be present in the moment, get outside and enjoy fresh air activities by yourself or with those you love."


Sales Associate
Becky Unger -- 

Joined the Team: April 2010

"Customers experience the knowledge and compassion the staff have to offer in regards to illness and natural healing."

Certified Yoga Instructor: Breathing Space Yoga Studio 780-814-1768.


Sales Associate
Kalyn Sloan -- 

Joined the Team: September 2011

Working at The Health Hut is not a job; it’s an opportunity to learn and teach about a lifestyle that nourishes the mind, body and soul.
Natural health, you are my  lifelong love affair!

FAVORITE PRODUCT: Glutino GlutenFree Pretzels

Fruit Bear -- 

Est. 1979

Occasionally makes appearances at The Health Hut...


Health Hut Policies
Serving the Peace since 1979...

Our Mission Statement:  It is our mission to provide our customers with state-of-the-art, safe, effective products.  It is our mission to offer friendly, helpful personalized service.  We are knowledgeable, energetic and committed individuals dedicated to helping our customers "feel good naturally."


Our Guarantee: We so believe in the quality and effectiveness of our  products that if you are  not 100% satisfied, we will take back the product with sales receipt and return to you by  original tender.

Please return the product within 3 weeks.

On opened products, we will provide a credit or exchange.

Help Wanted
Interested in a career at The Health Hut?

Currently we are fully staffed with very passionate and dedicated employees.

At the moment we are not hiring but if you would like to drop off a resume, we'd be happy to keep it on file for 6 months in the event  of any changes. 


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