Name: Barbara Furgeson
In the Natural Health Industry since 1998
Professional Qualification: Owner of Ellie Rose Naturals skin and body care products, Certified in Herbology and Iridology (Wild Rose College of Natural Healing)
Current Position: Supplement Advisor

Barb Furgeson grew up on a farm in Guy, Alberta. She has many fond memories there and enjoys keeping in contact with childhood neighbours. Barb and her husband Glen have three daughters. They raised their family to value healthy living. It was important for them to know what they were putting into their bodies. They grew their food, made food from simple ingredients, and ate minimally processed food. That same way of life is now taught to their grandchildren. In 2018, Barb and Glen have six grandkids, including two sets of twins, from ages 16 months to eight years old. Their grandchildren are the light of their lives: Barb even named their business, Ellie Rose Naturals, after their two granddaughters. At their company, Barb uses her certification in herbology to create skin and body care products that are made with natural and organic herbal formulas. At The Health Hut, Barb’s passion for family, herbs and healthy living add unquestionably joyful and wholesome energy to the store.

What do you do on your downtime?

I play with my grandchildren, or I play music with my husband. He plays guitar, and I play bass guitar or I hop on the drums. I also love to go for long walks.

What are your thoughts on gratitude?

I truly believe that gratitude is something that we should start each day with and practice on a daily basis.

What is a self-care practice you’re doing or would like to start doing?

Yoga. I really do want to start!

Tell us an interesting detail about you.

I own a company called Ellie Rose Naturals. We make skin and body care products (like soaps, bath bombs, and lotions) using herbs. My certification in herbology included learning how to create formulas using organic ingredients, so our products are made as natural as possible. Some of them are water-based, and we need to use a preservative in them, so we use as minimal a preservative as possible. I am excited to change over my organic ingredients with an eco-certified preservative when it becomes possible. I am also always learning: right now I am taking a course to certify in face masks and advanced skincare.

What is your current favourite quote, mantra or affirmation? Why?

I like the saying, ‘We are where we are supposed to be at this time.’ It helps me enjoy the present moment and what I am doing right now. It reminds me that how I’m living in this moment is a stepping stone to tomorrow.

What do you find enjoyable about working at The Health Hut?

I love working at The Health Hut for so many reasons. The ladies I work with are amazing. The customers that come in are looking for ways to stay healthy or become healthy, and The Health Hut is a great place to start! The amount of knowledge that the staff has between everyone is extraordinary. I also love that we are always learning and training on new products. It’s fun to keep up with the newest formulas and ingredients in natural health products. It is a very gratifying industry to be involved in.

Describe a memorable conversation with a customer.

There are so many stories over the years about people doing the work to feel better. About 15 years ago a little boy and his mom were quite concerned about warts on the boy’s hands. I recommended a couple of things to try. A couple of months later that little boy came bouncing into the store to show me his wart-free hands. He was so excited!

What lead you to this work at The Health Hut?

I started studying herbs and vitamins while I was raising my children. I was done my studies when we moved to Grande Prairie about a year later. One day my husband and I saw a sign that The Health Hut was looking for help. He gently nudged me to apply for a part-time position. He knew that this lifestyle was my passion. It’s been great ever since.

As a Supplement Advisor, what area of natural health do you enjoy discussing with customers?

I don’t feel like I am limited to one area. I believe that each one blends into the other and that the body works synergistically as a whole. For example, if the mind is not quiet, it can affect the body and vice-versa. So sometimes when a customer comes in, we need to delve a little deeper than the obvious symptoms.

How has your understanding of health or dis-ease changed throughout your career?

I’ve learned that a lot of the time our health boils down to what we eat and drink. I’ve seen many people change their eating patterns with terrific results. I’ve also learned that sometimes we need a boost or support from a supplement at different times in our lives.


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